Fairy floss, the sugary delicacy that thrills young and old alike. We here at Treat Me know that no one is ever too old to enjoy this tasty carnival treat. For these and other reasons, we’ve decided to provide our fairy floss machine rental in Adelaide. With one of our passionate fair floss machine operators included in your price, you can sit back and enjoy as we serve our delicious treats to your guests. When our candy floss machine rental is seen by kids in Adelaide from a distance, you’ll quickly notice their look of pure joy that can only be equalled by the joy on their parents’ faces!

Enjoy a taste of childhood nostalgia with our fairy floss machine rental Adelaide services.

If you’re looking for a delectable delicacy that will bring the whole family together, look no further than our Cotton Candy Machine Rental in Adelaide. Adults, when tasting this wonderfully airy sweet, are transported back in time to their youth and reminded of the fun they had at the fair. There’s more to a sweet treat than simply its deliciousness, and these happy recollections prove it.

Every year, we see more and more happy families tearing into their bags of fairy floss with gusto. You can understand how much this means to all of us here at Treat Me. It motivates our dedicated staff to maintain the highest possible quality standards when it comes to providing our exquisite fairy floss.

Plus, it’s not just cotton candy machine rental in Adelaide! Treat Me offers a wide range of other tasty treats such as lollipops & toffee apples, popcorn and slushies. With all these choices, you and your guests will be sweetly satisfied.

So, how does Fairy Floss get made?

Fairy floss’s ingredients aren’t as complicated as you might think; in fact, it’s only two ingredients! Flavoured sugar and air. We can spin the sweet ingredient until it reaches 300 degrees by placing it in the centre of our fairy floss machine.

This melts the sugar before passing it through a screen. This screen separates the melted sugar pieces into lovely fairy floss threads! Then we twirl our fairy floss stick around the floss threads and voilà! Beautifully fluffy sweetness is ready to be devoured!

What is Fairy Floss known as all over the world?

Fairy floss has spread around the world and is now popular almost everywhere! Some of the common terms for it used around the world are:

  • United Kingdom: Candy floss
  • USA: Cotton candy
  • China: Dragon’s beard
  • Greece and India: Old ladies’ hair
  • Netherlands: Sugar spider

Where did Fairy Floss come from?

During the Renaissance, fairy floss first appeared in Italy. Chefs back then manually melted and spun sugar to make it possible. They would use forks and set them over broom handles to pull the melted sugar into fine strands.

Fairy floss was created at this time, but it was an expensive and labour-intensive process. The kind of fairy floss we enjoy today was only developed in the late 19th century!

Was Fairy Floss invented dentists?

Yes! In a way. As previously stated, fairy floss originated in Renaissance Italy; however, the form we know today was invented by a dentist named Dr. William Morrison.

Dr. Morrison worked with a candy maker named John C. Wharton in 1897. This collaboration resulted in the development of a machine that caramelises the sugar and transforms it into thin strands of deliciousness! This revelation was dubbed fairy floss.

Our Fairy Floss in Adelaide comes in a variety of delectable flavours.

Our helpful staff can provide fairy floss in bags or “live and spun fresh” at your Adelaide event.

For a slightly more artistic treat, our Adelaide fairy floss artists can create animal-shaped floss to delight the young and young at heart. Simply let us know what type of floss you want us to make, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

We are constantly developing new and innovative ways to bring our fairy floss to life!

​Treat Me Fairy Floss flavours on offer:

  • Pink: Strawberry
  • Blue: Blueberry
  • Yellow: Banana
  • White: Plain Sugar

Event Branding and Design

Please let us know if you want to customise the fairy floss bags with corporate branding or a particular design for your event at an extra cost. Contact us at info@treatme.net.au or give us a call to learn more about this customised option!

Fairy Floss Machine Rental Setup & Requirements in Adelaide

Treat Me costs include the operator, fair food, and all accessories for when you want us at your event. Treat Me employees will need to be there roughly 45 – 60 minutes ahead of your guests’ arrival so we can set up and test the machines correctly.

We need up to 4x standard 10amp power outlets, access to water, and a 2m x 2m or 3m × 3m area, depending on the number of machines.

If the machine/s are not being utilised from the start of your event (for example, candy floss machine rental in Adelaide, popcorn machines or slushie machines to be served during dessert service), the Treat Me team will attend for setup and then return onsite at the time you choose for service.

Treat Me Cotton Candy machine rental at your next Adelaide EVENT

We will arrive at your location near Adelaide with one candy floss machine rental, highly trained workers, all materials, bags and sticks. All accessories and the operator are included. All you have to do is provide the machine with power and some hungry visitors, and we’ll handle the rest.

*Pricing for floss art may vary. All operator assignments may include a travel delivery cost if they are more than 25 kilometres from the CBD.

Numerous machine hiring is $POA – please contact us if you wish to hire multiple machines for your event.

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Treat Me Adelaide Wholesale Fairy Floss

From $3.00 + GST per bag (minimum 50 units)

Do you want to raise money for your charity, school, or club? Then maybe our tasty pre-packaged Fairy Floss is the way to go. We sell them to you for $3.00 + GST each bag; the suggested price is up to $5.00 per bag and $10.00 for floss art creations, enabling you to make money for your charity, school, or club (or simply give them away to some very pleased visitors!) A minimum of 50 bags is needed for every wholesale purchase.

*Not available in floss art animal variants – only in bag stock. If you are unable to pick up from us, a delivery charge may apply.

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