Even if we do say so ourselves, Treat Me Lollipops & Toffee Apples are the best sweets ever. Our premium lollipop and toffee apple options may be provided as branded with the Treat Me name or left blank, and they’re available in a wide variety of sizes, colours, and shapes to suit your needs and the needs of your event.

Our Lollipop and Toffee Apple Catering in Adelaide certainly satisfies the sweet tooth!

You and your guests will not be disappointed with our lollipop and toffee apple catering in Adelaide! Perfect for any event, whether it’s a bit of fun for a corporate meeting or a popular treat for a children’s party. Our passionate team will set up our “Treat Me” stall in any location and will be happy to serve all of your guests our delicious sweet treats (If you would like any services that require a machine e.g. floss art or slushies, we will need access to power).

Our lollipops and toffee apples both offer that sweet taste that takes you back to your childhood! If you are looking for a snack stall that offers more than just great taste, you’ve found the right option!

Treat Me Lollipops and Toffee Apples at your next EVENT

We’ll bring any required machines, a team of highly-trained professionals, all necessary materials, bags, and sticks to your event. Your price includes the operator and all necessary equipment. You’ll just need to provide any machines with power and some hungry guests, and we will handle the rest.

*Travel Delivery fee may apply if over 25kms from CBD for all operator jobs.

$POA for multiple fairy floss machine, popcorn machine or slushie machine hire – please speak to us if you are wanting to hire multiple machines for your event.

Enquire about this option

Custom Event Branding & Designs

Should you wish to customise the lollipops and toffee apple packaging with some corporate branding or a special design specific to your event at an additional cost, please let us know. Phone or email us at info@treatme.net.au to discuss this tailored option further!

Setup & Requirements for Lollipops and Toffee Apple Catering in Adelaide

The operator, fair food and all accessories are included in Treat Me prices for when you want us at your event Treat Me staff will need to be onsite approximately 45 – 60 minutes prior to your guest’s arrival so we can set up and test the machines accordingly.

Pending the number of machines, we require up to 4x standard 10amp power outlets, access to water and a 2m x 2m or 3m x 3m space.

If the machine/s is NOT being used from the start of your event (i.e. Fairy Floss / Popcorn to be served during dessert service etc), the Treat Me staff would arrive for setup etc and then come back onsite at the time you specify for service.

Feeling hungry...?

At Treat Me, our aim is to delight and satisfy your guests with our traditional fairground treats! We aim to capture the imagination of children whilst taking adults back in time to the fairgrounds of their youth. Take a look at our wide range of sweet delights that will be sure to please your guests!