What is more fun that fairy floss? Floss art of course! Treat Me has always believed that you are never too old for this tasty fairground delicacy. This is one of the main reasons we’ve decided to offer our floss art catering services at events all throughout Adelaide. Nothing beats the sight on a child’s face when he or she spots our floss art machine in the distance, which is only equalled by the similarly ecstatic grin on their parents’ cheeks!

Our Candy Floss Art Catering Adelaide Services turn a sweet treat into fun and delicious indulgence!

When it comes to fun, sweet treats that the whole family will enjoy, little comes close to our Cotton Candy Art Catering in Adelaide. From flossy bears to fluffy piglets, we offer delicious floss art that will always be a hit at parties and events. We take our classic fairground snack and move it up a gear! Whether your event is full of children or adults, everyone will enjoy our fun fluffy characters!

Throughout the years, we’ve seen so many families smile and giggle as they dive into their floss art. As you can imagine, this fills us with happiness at Treat Me and motivates our dedicated team to provide the highest quality floss art, popcorn, lollipops and toffee apples available!

Treat Me Candy Floss Art at your next EVENT

$175.00 + GST* per hour (or part thereof, minimum 3 hour booking)

For us to travel to your location near Adelaide with one cotton candy art machine, trained crew, supplies, and bags & sticks. All accessories and the operator are included. You only need to provide the machine with electricity and hungry guests; we will handle the rest.

If you are interested in renting numerous fairy floss machines, slushie machines and popcorn machines for your event, please contact us for pricing information.

*Price may vary depending on the cotton candy art option in Adelaide. If over 25 kilometres from the central business district, a travel delivery fee may apply for operator tasks.

Enquire about this option

Custom Event Branding & Designs

Please let us know if you wish to customise the fairy floss bags with your company’s logo or an event-specific design for an additional fee. Phone or email us at info@treatme.net.au to discuss this tailored option further!

Setup & Requirements for Candy Floss Art Catering in Adelaide

The operator, fair food, and all accessories are included in the Treat Me fee for your event. The Treat Me personnel will need to arrive 45 to 60 minutes ahead of your guests in order to set up and test the machines.

Depending on the number of machines, we require up to four 10amp standard power outlets, water access, and a 2m x 2m or 3m × 3m area.

If the machine/s will NOT be used from the beginning of your event (i.e. Slushies / Popcorn will be offered during dessert service, etc.), the Treat Me crew will attend for setup, etc., and then return at the time you select for service.

Feeling hungry...?

At Treat Me, our aim is to delight and satisfy your guests with our traditional fairground treats! We aim to capture the imagination of children whilst taking adults back in time to the fairgrounds of their youth. Take a look at our wide range of sweet delights that will be sure to please your guests!